ANTV strengthens pay TV and the public

During the last three years, the National Television Authority, ANTV, and its Board, began a process of strengthening the sector that includes DTT, public TV, subscription TV and community TV, in order to increase the supply of quality content that ends up benefiting the sector and the viewer.

Ángela Mora Soto, director of the ANTV, shared her satisfaction with the results achieved so far, while recognizing that in some sectors efforts should be increased to improve.

To massify the TDT
Today the 85% of Colombian territory is covered by digital TV, both public and private channels. But beyond the availability of network, the entity is making a strong campaign of knowledge and ownership, because people do not know the DTT or its advantages. 3 years ago the surveys marked the 2% of knowledge and today is in the 13%.

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In order to be able to draw the strategies that allow to reach an 50% of knowledge, at the end of January 2018 started a contract with Ibope to measure the rating of the DTT. The World Cup is expected to be an opportunity to massify the knowledge of the service.

But in this process there is a disagreement. Some operators of public TV have stated that the power of the DTT transmission network is not good. In this regard, the director of the ANTV said that at the beginning of the year 4 allocated one billion pesos for this purpose. "The ANTV will execute a project of harmonization of networks, so that the public and private TV transmitters have the same power and both signals can be seen with the same ease".

The 31 analog 2019 December blackout date has not been modified.

Expanding the competition
During 2017, the ANTV worked to modify the schemes for the 60 operators of the TV by subscription and the near 500 of the community TV. In both regimes, the promotion of competition stands out.

Explained Ángela Mora Soto that In TV by subscription they worked to alleviate the burdens and diminish the subreporte:
1 National licenses became.
2 The considerations for the wired and satellite TV were unified in a percentage of the invoice.
3 They removed quarterly reports that operators had to send to the entity, similar to those requested by the CRC.

Regarding community TV, they will issue a new regime that reduces 42 to 7 procedures and authorizes that there is more than one system operating in the same place. They also modified the grounds for cancellation, because they were very rigid and it was in the imagination that the ANTV wanted to end the regime. Community TV operators will be allowed to participate in the tender of new subscription TV operators.

Recognition of public TV
In 2016 the ANTV made an important bet with the public TV to try other types of contents. The bet that went very well because the public TV received 90 nominations to the India Catalina awards, of which he stayed with 30.

"It is proof that the work is doing well, we had the vision that public television was boring, half political, with magazines that nobody saw, but this has changed We are analyzing the possibility of an OTT that links to all television public, with great business potential, we will continue with this momentum in 2018, "said the director of the entity.

Towards a convergent regulator
The Colombian Congress is currently studying four bills that seek to modify the regulation that television currently has in Colombia. Three projects are private initiatives and one presented by the Government.

"The country needs a convergent regulator. Operators can not be flipping between several entities, it is necessary to facilitate regulatory compliance. The ANTV has shown that it is doing well, that there were things to do. I just want the new entity to collect all this good exercise we have been doing, "concluded Angela Mora Soto.

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