We have to promote education

A few days ago I was in a Target, one of the most recognized in the United States retail store. Walking around the area where LCD and Plasma screens are displayed on the shelves I saw was a small pocket brochures. Go surprise when I opened it and were recommendations for selecting between plasma and LCD, based on the final device applications.

Before stopping to look at the brochure I started thinking about how positive it is that a simple intermediary such as Target (incidentally, frequently visit retailers like Wal Mart or Best Buy and never saw any with this type of educational material) is being concerned to educate and inform their customers in selecting one or other technology.

And it may manufacturers are implementing ambitious training programs and training for its distributors, but what really matters is (and it dawned on me the brochure in my hands) than those who develop technology to work closely with its representatives in each country to ensure that your message will reach the purchasing manager of a new convention center or a hotel -independent that are customers or not you may be thinking of changing your digital signage system, because when they want to buy They think technology will buy it from one who has been educating.

Latin America is a very conducive to this territory. I can say without fear of contradiction, that many business executives and potential customers do not yet know the differences between the two systems, the advantages of one technology or the other; I know that retail stores in Colombia, where I live, still hear people from all social levels holding discussions on whether to buy an LCD or Plasma based on inconsequential aspects, such as what is the newest form; What is worse is that there is always an adequate response from advisers stores.

So I think it is very important to dedicate ourselves to promoting education as the only real effective way and gaining market penetration. In an era that has many changes in audiovisual formats lack of information about it is almost a sin. They still owes the brochure, but what I can say is it was very entertaining.

Until next time.

We open our eyes to light

Dear readers. Thanks for taking some of your valuable time in reading this editorial, a space in which you as readers and we as journalists can match.

It's a real pleasure to present this first edition of AVI LATINOAMÉRICA, the first news media for industries audio, video and lighting for our region and will be aimed primarily integrators, installers and rental shops such technologies for commercial purposes. However, the possibilities will grow as time passes, so that in future we also hope to have many end users reading these pages, to thereby contribute to the acculturation of the market.

AVI LATINOAMÉRICA will be divided into three main sections: audio, video and lighting, from which try to provide the latest information on each of these issues. There will also be opportunity for case studies and qualitative analysis of each segment, initially in Latin America, but in the future as possibilities permit will try to meet every market in the region.

In the news section and products, you, dear readers, find information about the "scene" of the industry as well as reviews of the latest in technology that brings the market.

All this information is for you, so they can contact me at email jarcila@latinpressinc.com; feel free to suggest topics and approaches and we all try to please the taste.

In addition, and to fulfill the commitment to keep you informed about the industry and its technology, we have available a monthly electronic newsletter, where you will find articles and reviews on important events; we also provide for you a podcast, in which we will be sharing interviews on topics of current interest, in the style of the best radio magazines.

Be this as an opportunity to begin to build a relationship of friends. Remember that this magazine is made for you, but we would also like that were made by each and every one of the people who read us. Thanks again for reading and for letting us into their offices with this and every one of our future editions.

Until next time.


We can not lose the north

Dear Readers:

It gives me real pleasure to sit down and write the first editorial AVI LATIN AMERICA, The only magazine on topics of audio, video and lighting that is exclusively focused on public latinoamericano.Si well every beginning is difficult, we are confident of the success of this new dream, because from our experience in other technology segments such as electronic security and automation of buildings, we could detect a huge potential in a niche that, despite being used by millions of people, remained abandoned and without the required attention.

Therefore, we aim to be the number one source of information for professionals engaged in the integration of these technologies, guaranteeing firsthand information, originating from the best sources: technology manufacturers themselves. But hey, we are in a time of transition between 2007 and 2008 where the convergence of audio, video and information technology is the talk of the technological world. We may even cause some of the old nostalgic but dear systems video projection of the early 70, but the world has changed and got into the "wave" of digital and went on to use communication resources the Internet and other means of transmission.

What I'm then is that the present and the future are highly linked to the Internet and it is precisely this union where will new businesses. Integrators who still think that computer systems are only the responsibility of others, I think it will be as the seller of sweets in the middle of the desert: SOLOS.

The integration of knowledge in AV with higher skills is a clump of opportunities, as even the same end users are in the IP story. Really, it's not a joke or product of the obstinacy of some sector of the industry; It is that the world as it is currently conceived requires the network to function, to optimize processes and generate impact, since no one can deny that the network has a profound impact mercadológico.

The recommendation therefore this medium in its first edition is to break paradigms and caring a little about what's on the other end of the cable. The reluctance to knowledge takes no good results.

Until next time.

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