Times definitive changes

Dear friends, the last version of InfoComm left a lot to think about. Are quite interesting winds blowing in technology, which makes us believe that we are entering an era of permanent changes.

Automation with A / V, we explored?

Being a related magazine editor with the segment of building automation had the opportunity to meet modern trends related to energy conservation and optimization of resources used in a building to provide comfort and safety for occupants.

Are there limits for storage?

When we started we did AVI Latinoamérica an article on storage media for audio and video industry, and found that by then there was not much information, nor many resources available; this was a little more than one year.

It is fair to say that when we approach this note obviously had a great and marked evolution in the industry versus traditional floppy disks ¼ and 3.5, which dominated the storage landscape from the 80 until early this decade .

But this is a race that does not stop and and large multinationals are doing their job in the way of offering more storage and more capacity for its customers. This is the case of GE, who announced the development of a disk capable of storing information 500GB, equivalent to 100 10 conventional DVD or Blu Ray 50 GB each. The company has said it will continue to work to reach the disc that lets you store 1000 GB.

In the above, the most interesting is that it can support the backup of a hard disk of a PC and make this traumatic experience something much simpler. The not so positive is that the disc will be available for 2011 or 2012.

For us in the industry of A / V it is excellent news, because without doubt our segment is becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding in content it produces, but also on the needs of storage required. The positive is also the idea of ​​mobility, which leads us to think about making assemblies and installations with increasingly smaller items each day is more accentuated.

Laptops are getting smaller. Hard disks also and increasingly higher capacities and now comes this news. The era of microtechnology making strides. You already are being instructed in the use of new tools?

Now who will defend us?

Dear readers is a fact, I witnessed the crisis. I just returned from visiting two exhibitions in previous years were classified as the largest in the world in two different industrial sectors to the professional integration of audio and video, and indeed the crisis is now a reality in the United States.

But this time not pretend to be the messenger of bad news or discuss what you have probably already heard in the media. The idea of ​​this column is thinking about a question: and now, who will defend us? The question is because resources are scarce, consumers are nervous and experts talk about contingency plans medium to long term.

But then the big question is what should be the strategy to be applied to protect and sustain the best way, as the slogan in the specialized technical world seems to resist and conquer.

However, in meetings with heads of sales and European, US and Latin American marketing, I found that the most seasoned agreed in detail and is the management and delivery of timely information to its customers. I'm not talking only about the typical service and support, we have always mentioned as the differentiating factor, but I refer specifically to the need to report more aggressively on the solutions that a company is developing to meet this or that market need .

Usually, in times of crisis the first thing that is cut is marketing and this is a blunder; It is at this time when all their guard down which represents a great opportunity for those who risk. Not free the most powerful companies on the planet, while controlling their costs, not radically abandon their promotion program.

Thus, in this direction, there is an opportunity posed for those who do not want to make hasty decisions and cancel or impair communication programs with their clientele. The network today offers countless possibilities for growth in the markets so to take advantage of them, because there is no longer colored grasshoppers defend us.

The dangers price

Nothing has puzzled me in recent days that the new uptrend in the dollar. After the peak of the economic crisis in which we are, precisely when several banks announced bankruptcies and had doubts about the approval of the plan of economic rescue the US currency began to climb on Latin currencies and this in turn brought related dire consequences the fall in the prices of several commodities, Including oil and copper.

But what worries me really is what this can bring to sensitive markets to price, such as Latin America, which was enjoying two great situations for the massification of technology: the low prices of the dollar and the availability of important capital flows, product sales generous commodities. This macroeconomic nirvana led the region to become an attractive and dynamic market, as in the stillness of markets such as the US and Europe, our countries began to demand more and better technology. The answer is clear, had excellent products at prices that Latinos could buy.

But now the situation changed. And it seems to not have much money and the dollar rose. This will be the "agosto" of those unserious technology manufacturers of poor quality, they do not have a well-defined chain support and which do not enable the integrator / installer audio and video. I want to clarify that I do not mean the East in general. The big brands have emerged in this region, but have grown based on a dedicated research and development. It is talking ghost brands, of which unfortunately not much is known.

It is therefore important that we get to think about certain details. Buy based on the lowest price is not the best strategy in times of crisis. Latin America is a market that is growing strongly and technological development, so it is not logical that we begin to fill with toys poor durability. Do not forget that a market is serious when it is precisely those who make serious actors.

Until next time

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