Are you a good integrator?

Earning a reputation in the field of installation and system integration of A / V is not easy. However, some experts give their tips, which if followed carefully can be key success factors.

By: Julian Arcila

Intelligence is a matter of sound

Although the term intelligence is widely used by research organizations such as the police and the Army, it is also commonly used in professional audio to designate a team whose main goal is to make life more comfortable for the end user.

By: Hector Gomez Perez

Everything is under control

Having complete control over an installation of audio, video and lighting is made possible by a multisalón system. No matter if the spaces are large or small, with these systems integrated management of the equipment is close at hand.

by Héctor Gómez Pérez

An audio to carry around

Increasingly, the portable audio becomes the best sound option for various companies and institutions. In the following the characteristics of these teams will be announced and given a look at this market in the region.

by Héctor Gómez Pérez

The design also has

The In Wall Speakers They manage to balance functionality with design; why new buildings are increasingly inclined by this type of system.

by: Alejandra Garcia Velez

The pursuit of loyalty is a constant in the world of audio; therefore, integrators will aim to have the best equipment to give the user an experience in which the sound is so good that you can not differentiate between real audio and artificial.

The in wall speakers are an option that stands out in this search for its versatility to fit all kinds of spaces; some recognized companies in the market with AVI LATINOAMÉRICA shared their perspectives on the incursion of this technology in the region.

The posibilities

Since the famous American motorhomes forced manufacturers to design audio systems that could be adapted to the limited space of these cars, in wall speakers They have evolved and can now be adapted to other applications.

For example, use excels in systems home teatherAlso in buildings where the spaces are small, too, they can be placed in establishments such as restaurants, nightclubs and other places where performance and visual impact are important.

This is because, with respect to the speakers surface, the in-wall They can become larger in size, but more discreet in the assembly; additionally, they have a wider range of reproduction at high and low frequencies. Moreover regarding the ceiling mount speakers (on ceiling speakers), The in-wall have better coverage, frequency response and allow to have a more homogeneous behavior of the sound field, explained Arturo Gonzalez Jr, CEO of AMG Import.

Meanwhile Carlos Guerra, sales manager for Latin America Speakercraft said that today there are teams in the market with that using a niche in the very small wall (up only 7 centimeters) you can get the same performance with a speaker surface.

Noah Kaplan, president of Leon Speakers also highlighted the advantages from the point of view architectural design and have this kind of speakers; the manager said that often, teams are available with paintable grilles, thus facilitating their integration with the design of the buildings to make them "virtually invisible".

He also noted that, when you are performing an installation in multiple rooms in wall will always be more practical that allow better use of space.

And in Latin America?

Kaplan analyzing the prospects of the American market explained that growth in wall speakers He has gone hand positioning acquired by flat screens. "The outlook is very positive, because according to a report published by an e-marketer late last year, is expected to market the screens are fired in more than 2009 130 billion dollars worldwide; which would create a high demand for speakers for home theater systems, "said manager Leon Speakers and added that, has great expectations for the recent creation of a line in wall subwoofersBecause it will allow users to have large and powerful audio systems without sacrificing valuable space.

However, while in Latin America in wall speakers are gaining strength, there are still some difficulties for growth is even greater. According to Guerra, one of the main drawbacks is the type of materials used in the region, as most of the buildings brick and concrete used for construction, which makes the process more complicated installation.

"Outside the United States the implementation of in wall speakers It is in its infancy, for now only have a small percentage of the market; when architects and Latino users begin to learn more technology market in the region will grow, "said Guerra, adding that" Latin America is currently in a stage of dissemination, training and adaptation in wall our context, because in the region have different realities, to start in the area of ​​construction. "

Also, Gonzalez agrees with the previously expressed by other managers, "in the region, and especially in Colombia is growing the market for this type of speakers, since the construction has been increased deployment of materials that make installation easier , such as drywallHowever, in Latin countries such construction is still not very well accepted, and maybe that is the main limiting factor when implementing talking in-wall".

Despite the limitations expressed by the three directors, Latin America has established itself as a very attractive market for the industry of audio and video, because as technologies like this spread massively users increasingly bet by them.

Installation Recommendations

Arturo Gonzalez Jr, CEO of AMG Import, gives some general recommendations for the installation of such systems.
Steps to follow:
Locate the location where you want to install the speaker, as is more complicated then make any changes.

Make a small hole in the center of the dial with drill, this in order to know whether there is any line that might affect the installation.

Mark the location of the speaker and punching. To mark is convenient to use a paper with reference speaker.

Check the cut made and proceed to send a probe through the wiring to the place where the amplifier is. If you have brick walls it is necessary to drill.

Consider always leave a small surplus of wiring, for purposes of having availability to perform alternative connections.

Remove the grid, connect the speaker and put it in the hole, fitting it with the screws enough, but loosely as they could be damaged terminals and speaker holes.

Place the rack in place and cleaned to remove dust.

Aspects to consider:

The coverage is desired in ° F and ° V.

The average height at which you want to install, usually is located at ear level.

The existence of a symmetrical distance from the speakers to the listening point, otherwise put delays to align them.

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