In search of happiness satisfaction came

altWhat seemed like a decision by impulses and follies of youth meant for Joaquín Darío Gutiérrez a change that defined his life forever, he gave meaning to their existence and placed it in the exact place of his passions. Study graphic design with an emphasis on television was his most extravagant and wise decision.

by Maria Cecilia Hernandez

Passionate about his work

altCristian Andrade, Chilean by birth and heart, acts in this edition of the magazine AVI Latin America as a guest for the Professional session of the month. In the beginning, Andrade made a brief foray into the world of laws, but eventually realized that the management of companies, especially those that have to do with the A / V were his passion.

By Santiago Jaramillo H.

A competitive businessman

altOur professional of the month has been a man of challenges and is now facing one of the most prestigious companies in the audio and video market in Peru: TelViCom. He defines himself as an entrepreneur, visionary and family.

By Claudia Guzman

An idea to create business

Jorge Him, general manager of Gauss Systems, is the professional of the last month of this year. A man whom the audiovisual industry came the theater and maternal influence.

By: Hector Gomez Perez

a positive outlook looms

José Carsellé Ezquerra, our Professional of the month in the current edition of the journal AVI LATINOAMÉRICA, is the architect of the first line of success and positioning in the Mexican industry company Home Theater (Center for Audio, Video and Communications SA de CV).

By Santiago Jaramillo H.

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