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Colombia laggard in lighting

pod-icon In an interview with Daniel Jimenez, industrial designer Colombian company know How, The importance of lighting in the development of a show was discussed, but also on the state of the Colombian market from the use of these technologies.

The podcast lasts 3: 18 minutes ( 15 2008 October.

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Anchor Audio sees future in Latin America

pod-icon Infocomm 2008 was the opportunity to learn about trends regarding audio, video and lighting are leading the market; Jose Hernandez, sales representative Anchor AudioHe believes that the business in the region has a great future despite the economic crisis. In addition, he said that more information from users would make the region a major consumer of these products.

The podcast lasts 3: 38 minutes ( September 5 2008.

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Blu-ray: technology revolutionizes

pod-icon Backed by the largest companies worldwide, the technology Blu - ray continues to open space in different circles. Luis Guardia, regional manager of Public Relations for Sony Latin AmericaHe shared with us his perception of this technology and its potential for market expansion in the region.

The podcast lasts 4: 37 minutes ( 20 August 2008.

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CADIEEL visit Colombia to support business conference

pod-icon The Argentina Chamber of Electronic, Electromechanical and Lighting (CADIEEL) will be in Bogotá, Colombia, between the 14 and 17 April, interviewing Colombian companies to establish business relations. CADIEEL looking Colombian potential consumers or distributors for products manufactured by partner industries Argentina entity. To discuss this trade mission interviewed Claudio Krämer director of the Chamber.

The podcast lasts 4: 06 minutes ( March 17 2008.

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