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Microphone stand


Biquad introduces new microphone stands with fluid design and built-in 'on-air' indicator. The Top Arm series comes in three lengths: 50 cm, 80 cm and 100 cm and are constructed with aluminum tubes with anodized finish in 3 different colors (gold, silver and black).

Platform for social moderation

Never never

Story is the name of never.no's social moderation platform, web-based, this platform is used to moderate and deliver content to the media, such as comments, images, videos, graphics, digital platforms, including broadcast Live, among others.

Field meter and analyzer TV


promax ranger hd 3 HEVC WEBThe HD RANGER 3 Promax is a field meter and a universal TV analyzer that covers much of the terrestrial digital television world standards and the latest developments in broadcast technology such as DVB-format HEVC H.265 T2 HD.

What 3 RANGER HD users have found that this technology meets deployment of DVB-T2 HEVC T & M needs because demodulation packages HEVC, records and analyzes the Transport Stream, IP interface, etc. All in a sturdy instrument 2 kilograms.

With the adoption of H.265 HEVC format HD DVB-T2 for the new digital terrestrial television, higher bandwidth and flexibility to allocate new content with resolutions up 1080p is offered. The HD RANGER 3 is compatible with this new class of signal demodulation HEVC now in the air.

Scaler / Switcher


vp 734WEBThe VP-734 is a scaler / switcher Kramer for analog and digital signals. This scale up and down to resolutions graphics or HDTV output (up 4K UHD) and provides fast switching-melt-through of black between sources. The VP-734 supports analog inputs and outputs and embedded audio and includes features rich audio and stereo output speaker.

It has four HDMI inputs, DisplayPort, and two (universal) analog video user-defined; likewise it features automatic input switching and switching Fade-Thru-Black (FTB).

Among other features are the selection of audio delay, 7 stereo inputs analog audio, embedded / desembebido audio, Porc-Amp embedded video, advanced management EDID, saved efficient power (green) and Flexible control options such as buttons front panel, IR remote control, RS-232 or Ethernet with web browser.

Ideal for any application in projection systems in conference rooms, auditoriums, etc. where high quality conversion and switching of multiple and different video signals to graphical data signals is required for projection.

Camcoder hand


AC30 slantWEBPanasonic Announces AG-AC30, its new handheld camcorder with LED torch integrated. It has a sensor 1x 3 / 20 "optical zoom, five-axis stabilizer, low light mode, integrated LED lighting and three manual rings.

The new camcorder AG-AC30 incorporates LED lighting including 2 light filters. The excellent performance in low light situations camcorder are the result of the new BSI sensor type 1 / 3.1 incorporated that achieves high image quality 6,03 M effective pixels. In this way bright and attractive images are achieved even in low light conditions.

The powerful zoom 20x high resolution can be used to take pictures of scenes that can not be approached. The Intelligent Resolution technology allows recording with large values ​​of zoom magnification without losing image resolution. The 29,5 mm wide-angle (equivalent to 35 mm) allows to include more people and more background in the frame.

To correct the horizontal tilt and the effect of blur caused by hand shake, HYBRID OIS + uses five-axis correction that suppresses this effect both in wide-angle shots and powerful images with zoom. It also offers great effects shots or moving walk. The Level Shot function automatically detects and corrects including tilt in the captured images.

Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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