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Phone Interface

The manufacturer of wireless microphone systems and audioprocesadores, announces the new addition of the LecNet2 series: version hybrid interfaces for telephone 2.0 4 DMTH. Incorporating a number of improved acoustic DMTH4 and canceling echo algorithms, the new upgrade promises greater functionality in many key areas including dynamic convergence, and regardless of the system, the accuracy will be improved for achieving echo cancellation prevents thanks to the algorithm divergence "Boa constrictor".

The algorithm uses a direct measure of the content of the residual echo on the other side of the signal, based on the reception and the signals sent to the opposite of what normally used that are near and distant levels.

NEC Display Solutions

High functionality projectors

The supplier of innovative projectors, displays LCD flat screens, plasmas and professional solutions displays integrated offers new models of NEC projectors NP1150, NP2150 and P3150. These professionals integrated projectors are designed for large corporations, government applications and education. They are the first business projectors that allows users to use the Windows Network Projector function with the Windows Vista operating system.

With this function, you can directly connect to other projectors on the network without additional software. The remote connection allows NEC projectors connect to other computers remotely, so simply that only requires a USB connection mouse and keyboard on USB inputs thereof.

Thanks to the Silicon Optix HQV technology, video processing and vision scale is designed for computer signals and high-definition video.


Interface with Aviom

The company announces the availability of new interface card for Soundcraft Vi Series digital consoles for mixing, allowing integration with the system Aviom personal monitoring and Pro16 ™ series.

The cards offer a direct connection to a single Cat5e cable from Soundcraft Vi6 and the new Soundcraft Vi4. The Pro16 system allows musicians from the stage to be fed up to 16 subgroups of instruments or vocalizations, which they can mix to their liking using controllers from the stage.

The Soundcraft A-Net 16V card can be installed or fed back at any Soundcraft Vi console and the outputs are assigned directly to the console screens.

Soundcraft and Aviom collaborated to carry out this digital connectivity and the development and standardization of hardware platform cards and so you can quickly adapt to future interfaces Soundcraft consoles.


digital console

Studer digital consoles are known for having a large capacity I / O with routers that equalized. Based on the high efficiency of Store Live DSP and a great system that supports it, the highly sophisticated Route 6000, which is both processor and router system goes beyond and can accommodate more than 1728x1728 inputs and outputs.

The DSP core is made for facilities that need a lot of space, as it takes more than 6U multicore that are interconnected using CAT5 lines.

Since the system is completely modular, there are many varieties of output formats that can be combined as Mic, Line, AES / EBU, MADI, ADAT, TDIF, SDI and Dolby E. As are recognized based on these platforms, Studer offers a scalable system allowing you to use the DSP and I / O capability for a specific system that can be expanded in future installations.

Klegg Media

New digital products

The company, completely new Klegg Electronics, Inc. division, is launching its new line of digital products, including the Klegg XP Pro, a professional LCD panel and approved for use in high definition, which is available for commercial and residential applications .

The digital signals are becoming increasingly valuable to show a solution in the world of advertising medium, making it an added plus. By using direct mail that communicates to consumers via televisions at public events, digital signals provide immediate and dynamic messages during the process.

The Klegg XP Pro, includes integrated microprocessor, eliminating the need for a computer connected to display; NDAS patented technology that offers a secure solution for storing digital content transmitted at high speed and control panel software.

Quoting products and technical services for Latin America

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