Jorge Him, general manager of Gauss Systems, is the professional of the last month of this year. A man whom the audiovisual industry came the theater and maternal influence.

By: Hector Gomez Perez

Undoubtedly the great influence of parents in education and the future of the children, and that may account Jorge Him, general manager of Gauss Systems, and Professional month on behalf of Central America.

When asked about the way they became interested in the industry, Him comments: "I think it came blood as my mother worked in theater and I remember when I was a kid I spent circling around the theater, tucked into the console lights and the audio. During my studies I was organizing conferences and coordinating university events in hotels and faculty at that time was a client with many technology needs, that at that time there was in our country, for our presentations. "

But let's start at the beginning. Our professional of the month was born on April 10 1965 in Panama City and studied electromechanical engineering. Upon finishing his college career he was employed in different companies in the departments of engineering, maintenance and sales, but its way to the audiovisual industry gave it in 1995 when he founded his own company: Gauss Systems.

An innovative idea

Big business will definitely arise from a simple idea, but innovative. The company of our Professional month born from the intention was to acquire a Data Panel to rent it to students who did lectures in various areas of the university. That was how the money was obtained to buy their first active and began a new battle.

"I had to learn to use it because I had no idea; I had to learn to sell the new service that neither I nor customers knew because at that time only overhead projectors were used. Initially I offered service hotel with the most worked as a customer, then the equipment is rented once or maximum twice a month, "recalls Him.

At six months he hired his first employee and a year became the first bank loan to buy a VGA projector (640 480 x), which then cost a fortune. Thus he began to acquire more equipment and diversified product line, encouraged by their customers every day were new and challenging needs.

Participation in its first InfoComm (1999) was an eye-opening experience. "In that event I met many people from around the world that I did the same and had the same problems, but speak another language. There I was surprised because I realized that the business I thought I had invented some time existed elsewhere in the world, I knew how big the industry and how much I needed to learn. "

That time when the only team of the company once a month rented only the memory. To 2005 Gauss Systems offered the service in house in five hotels to cater the market for corporate customers who made their launches training conferences, and.

In 2007 the company diversified activities and started selling audio and video, also began offering installation services in audiovisual rooms. Today is opening an office rental in Nicaragua and 2010 will open a branch in Panama City and another in a Central American country.

Today, of 50 projectors Gauss Systems is in stock, rent an average of 30 daily. That's why the beginning is a good memory.

The region, industry and the future

According to our Professional of the month, seasons crisis, from which only a few countries have started to leave, are good for some companies, as in the case of which he directs. "The fewer sales companies do, more must invest in promotion or training What services used for these activities? audiovisual aids, thank God that's been the behavior in our country, although this may change, "said Him.

He further noted that since it began 15 years in the industry, the evolution that has suffered Panama in the audiovisual field has been substantial, all because it has a better-informed customer who demands more technology. "This requires rental companies to invest more in new technology, which is a risk because these teams will not have a good rotation until they are fashionable, in that period of time the customer must be educated".

One aspect that made Him emphasis was on education and training that should have people involved with the industry A / V to provide quality service, all for the changing nature of it. "The equipment and audiovisual systems become obsolete every six months maximum for every day manufacturers release new products, cheaper and with better performance characteristics."

Another issue that was treated with the guest was referring to the threats facing the industry and particularly the audiovisual equipment rental in Panama. In his opinion "the demand for rental equipment grows increasingly through tourism, but the threat is that hotels are learning and can replace the AV companies. Besides removing market fixed installations to rental they have been growing because many companies have chosen to install good conference facilities to avoid having to rent the equipment. "

Him continue in his Panama thinking of new ideas to project your company to other countries in the region, convinced, as he himself points out, the service the 24 hours a day, high investment in equipment, their honest and kind collaborators, high investment in training and management of image and advertising, are factors that make a difference in business.
Author: Latin Press



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