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altThe 2010 has been the year of the 3D technology: launch of new films, some not so new, but made with this revolutionary format and transmission of sporting events that offer a new experience to the viewer. In this article we open the door to this visitor glasses that is here to stay.

By: Hector Gomez Perez

While 3D technology has become part of the film for many years, releases such as Avatar at the end of last year, and Alice in Wonderland earlier this have put us face to face with a technology that is here to stay, more yet he came to glasses users will definitely put.

For the realization of this article we have four experts in the field that will help to elucidate the characteristics of this technology and its impact in an era in which visual content have become dramatically. This group is made up of the brothers Luis Alberto and Andrés Vasquez, Eleven Productions; Jean Kennan Jay, business manager for Latin America Ltda Barco, and Amauri Passos, senior project analyst Absolut Technologies.

In principle, the technology was implemented 3D format film 35mm. By this time besides being expensive it did not offer the best quality as it could only be viewed with colored glasses. On this particular point the Vasquez brothers "to reach digital cinema opportunities to address the technology bloomed, started again experiments with satisfactory results immediately and this motivated producers and directors to resume the technology."

Meanwhile Amauri Passos said 3D history is of long standing in the movies, but it was in the fields of research and professional where he had major developments. "The design, engineering, medicine and other areas such as gas and oil using three-dimensional technology as a powerful tool for better results and reduce time and costs," he said Passos.

A new way of seeing?
Undoubtedly the 3D technology has become a new visual experience as noted Passos: "The root 3D change the entertainment industry. This is not fashion, represents more information, dipping and user participation in content. "

A very similar view of the matter is with the representatives of Eleven Productions noting that "this is a more real and powerful to be immersive experience. The boom in cinema 3D will move to many sectors such as home, health, education, sports and music events as well as commercial applications. "

The bet is now the 3D technology, as demonstrated in the last Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver that were transmitted with this technology and the World Cup in June that will provide an unparalleled experience to football fans. It is therefore an opportunity for display manufacturers to market their products soon will be common in homes and commercial establishments.

But a question arises: What about the content? Jean Kennan Jay, Barco Ltda, ventures to give an answer and says that "while it is true that there is a huge avalanche of products, we as manufacturers are focused on helping increase creatives who will be responsible for producing enough material to charge value these technologies. If there is no sufficient and necessary content with very specialized tools we will be unable to use them. "

Customers and transmissions
As noted Amauri Passos can not underestimate the ability of customers to buy the new. According to our guests, users are highly informed people today thanks to the great efforts of manufacturers and integrators in this regard. This allows them to be in the best ability to choose the equipment that best fit your particular need.

"The major manufacturers have already launched their 3D line. There are events of great importance, such as the World Cup that are the precise framework for launching novelties in terms of image, "said the Vásquez brothers, but again Barco's representative pointed out that users are prepared and informed for new releases. In this matter, it is perhaps the content manufacturers and developers who are not yet. "I believe that we still have to find ways to optimize and facilitate the creation of content, it is not agile enough to think about a massification beyond the digital cinema 3D," said Jean Jay.

While initial transmissions 3D have been made in the halls of digital cinema and sporting events, gradually will be extended to musical events and different television programs in which the contents with greater depth of field will be those who will benefit most from this technology .

Generating content
3D content generation is significantly different from the two-dimensional, just to mention a fundamental difference adding another camera to simulate depth perception you have in the real world with both eyes of humans.

"The generation of content is more complex and involves always thinking of stereoscopic visual angle in both eyes, at their point of convergence in the special effects. In short, everything that helps to transform the projection surface in one window and no longer on a screen, "said the representatives of Eleven Productions.

At present the main uses of the 3D technology are given in cinema, simulation (medicine, aviation, maritime and land transport), design (buildings, cities or equipment), education, military field, oil, gas and area commercial.

successful experiences
Al indagarle this group of experts for the successful experiences of their companies in the field of technology 3D, Jean Jay Kennan said "our group is pleased to know that a lot of theaters in Latin America 3D use our projectors. In Colombia more than 75% of cinema screens installed are our doors and we're bringing that number to more than 90% after some negotiations in the short term ".

Eleven Productions made his first works in standard definition, but later migrated to 3D HD, doing work for diaper brand Pequeñín Family Company, a corporate video for Avon recorded in research and development facility in Suffern, New York; a piece of communication for mayor of Bogota for the launch of Bogotanos portal abroad, a video for the launch of 3D Sony TVs, the short film El Truco, who became the first short 3D HD made in Latin America and projected at the Cartagena Film Festival. Currently working on the set of a film in Venezuela led by Raul Garcia, co-produced with Latina Productions and Media Concept and Colombia are expected to launch in mid-year.

Absolute Technologies mentioned their positive experiences with companies as recognized as Fiat, Volkswagen Mexico, Petrobras Macaé and Mana Engineering.

As things will be a lot of movies, sporting events and shows we see in 3D this year. So the recommendation is to learn the technology and for no reason remove his glasses.


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