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altThe Colombian import market projection screens positive data recorded during 2009 and it seems that this year the numbers grow because demand for these products in different sectors.

By: Duván Chaverra A.

Over the years the Colombian market in general has become one of the most important in the South American region, as it has been showing considerable growth that have allowed it to grow economically within their own territory despite the many social problems the plague.

To verify this, this time analyzing the Colombian market projection screens as concerns imports for the period of 2008, 2009 and this year, all in order to know the movement of this market.

Supported on the website of statistics The Datamyne, and with the contribution of a Colombian company that appears as one of the top five importers of equipment in question analyze what were the reasons why this market in the Andean region has presented a substantial growth.

Our guest is Javier Pazmiño, commercial manager of Audiovisual Image and Sound, who will answer some general questions about the evolution in the import of projection screens in Colombia.

World and 3D
The arrival of the World Cup in South Africa 2010 and the imposing appearance of the film in three dimensions were two of the reasons why the sale of projection screens in Colombia recorded a considerable growth throughout 2009 compared with 2008, both the number units and their total value.

The import figure grew 25%, and our guest Pazmiño Javier tells us from the experience of his company some of the reasons why this number increased throughout 2009.

"There is a growing market and because the screens were getting in the local environment did not meet our needs, which made the company's decision to start importing in good quantity from China."

Precisely China is the country that is more supplying the Colombian market, surpassing by a representative amount to other importers such as the United States, Japan, Mexico, and South Korea, which appear in the Datamyne as the five nations most imported projection screens to Colombia during 2009.

The country recorded during the 2009 44% of imports to the coffee country as a total value refers; however, the United States, although imported fewer screens (only 8% compared with 85% of Chinese) its value was in a 42% of the overall total, which indicates that the prices of the screens in the American nation are substantially more costs.

Indeed, the value of the screens in China was one of the reasons why a company like Audiovisual Audiovisual decided to import: "Before we were getting materials in our country and we were designing the screens, but here the manpower and the elements they are too expensive, so we felt it was much more favorable import them from China. "

In addition, with the advancement of technology in projectors, several sectors that require this kind of solutions. The representative of the Colombian company said about your company works with different sectors: "This product is aimed primarily to large industries, universities and all the student sector and companies that are devoted to events or shows, ie there are several sectors with which we are related. "

The statistics portal Datamyne also shows that during the season 2009 more imports was recorded in the first and last months of the year. For example, Audiovisual Audiovisual made all imports in December for a total of US $ 27.799, for a percentage of 12% of the conglomerate of domestic companies.

"Financially we kept in line 2008, there were many changes, and all that basically depends on the customers you have. Really no growth, I would say that was presented was a hold, "said Javier Pazmiño regarding the movements of his company during the previous year.

In addition, in January 2009, 99% of the imports made by Colombian projection screens companies were from China; Japan recorded a 70% in February, while the month's domain for the United States was May, with 97% of total imports during that period.

Facts 2010
In the first two months of 2010, according to The Datamyne, China recorded 96% of total imports, followed by the US with 2%.

With respect to the start of 2010 for importers, Javier Pazmiño said Audiovisual Image and Sound in the early months of this year registered positive numbers: "The year has started very well for us, the theme of the World Cup has helped enough although it would have been better if Colombia were classified, we also have some projects that have helped us grow so far this 2010 ".

Finally, our guest talk about their expectations for the remainder of 2010, the year they expect to grow about 6%: "We have observed that there is a slight increase compared to 2009, I think we'll be at least in a growth of 5% or 6 2009% compared to even think that the figure may be slightly higher. "


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