altThis technological development for television broadcast live and direct from remote locations is also being used by other sectors to control mobility in cities and military intelligence.

By Richard St.

The television industry has a new technological development that facilitates the transmission of live images and live from anywhere without having to use traditional large appliances.

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The LiveU is a team that performs the same function of a microwave: transmits live video from a specific point to a point where your server, ie a receiving computer with the technical specifications and the necessary software and then transmit it in live or save.

But how does it work? Luis Oswaldo Fajardo, representative for Colombia of LiveU, explained that this can have up modems 12 equal to those used for internet on laptops. This allows to join the bandwidths to be used in one, they are normally used six.

When the camera connects to your computer and start recording, the information is transmitted immediately via parallel data-cell antennas, there will be internet and reaches the receiving computer in which the software processes it.

To give an example, in the case of Colombia where there are three mobile operators, you can connect two modems Tigo, two of Comcel and two Movistar also be adding them WiFi, Wimax, and LAN lines networks, it would have one large bandwidth, which translates into better image quality broadcast live.

This makes the LiveU always have signal for transmission of images, depending on the area you are identifying them and if an operator has poor signal in place, still connected to others by optimizing the server.

When the transmission of images, you became no signal because it is in a remote place, the process is suspended but not lose what has been done so far, when the signal is recovered sending resumes from the point that came and computer software receiver joins images.

Luis Oswaldo Fajardo stressed that its size and weight facilitate mobility. It is a lightweight computer that does not exceed 7 kilos, less than half of a professional camera that weighs 15 kilos, also comes in a briefcase that allows you to be outdoors.

That's one of the advantages over microwave and mobile used for live broadcast, because it needs less infrastructure to transport and operate. Traditional equipment requires a car, a transmitter that must be addressed directly to the antenna of the receiving environment and to workers, while the LiveU can do it from any means of transport, to moving.

Their mobility is also favored by the way they stock up on energy. It runs through batteries that can be recharged by connecting them to the car as if it were a cell. And it has had adaptations in Mexico, which modified it so that it could be loaded with batteries motorcycles.

Use of the Internet for data transmission allows issuable live events directly through a website, which is not achieved with other types of transmission.

international acceptance

The LiveU has achieved a worldwide presence after leaving the market in March 2010. But in its development they came from the 2006 working in Israel, a country that is recognized for its high technological advancement.

Account Luis Oswaldo Fajardo that the team is a completely new development and that its creators left to watch live broadcasts of television channels using a cell, which resulted in an image with poor quality, hence the idea of ​​extending the bandwidth to improve the image.

The tests were conducted team accompanying the campaign for the US presidency of Barack Obama.

In fact there is an anecdote that has LiveU representative in Colombia is that during the last days of the campaign, Obama was with a group of journalists broadcasting live television and decided to leave the place where they were in train. The only journalist who could accompany broadcasting live was the one with the team.

This device is being used by TV channels in Israel, in most countries in Europe and America, through the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Brazil. In total 40 countries that have this new technology.

The most popular channels now working with LiveU are CNN, BBC, Univision, CBS, Televisa, Fox News, TVN, among others. But not only it is being used for television, as well as help to control mobility.

At sites where you need to place a camera but there is no way out fiber optic cables, the computer connected to the camera and a power provider is installed.

He also is being used in the military for intelligence operations in armies of several countries.

Operating difficulties

One of the difficulties facing the LiveU in its operation, says Luis Oswaldo Fajardo, is that sudden movements image can pixelate and so many producers and newscasts prefer to continue making false direct to risk a bit in quality image.

With the LiveU seeks to direct really true and not mislead people, in addition to the news on the image is prioritized.

He added: "The subject of pixelization is according to the image quality and the transmission time, if delay 5 to 10 seconds will have a picture of very good quality and that time can be remedied from the study but that's what many people do not understand. "

It has also faced a cultural barrier, because people think that means you can not replace a microwave unit for such a small device.

So far, the LiveU is available in SD, but the company began production of the reference HD60, which will have an antenna that will allow you to have greater ability to obtain the signal of cellular operators without affecting their main condition: mobility and improving transmission conditions.

It will also 1.080 and 60 resolutions, 720 60 P720 and P30, added the LU30 model, which is available today, which are the VGA, D1 and SIF.

Business model

The LiveU is not available for sale. The company established its business model as rent, to thereby ensure that users will always have the latest technology system.

In addition, this prevents the user to lose work time when the equipment has any damage or requires maintenance because it will be immediately replaced.

The cost per month rental LiveU between US $ US $ 4.000 5.000 and, depending on the characteristics of the contract and the country where you are.

To facilitate coverage of special events, the company rents it for weeks and so take advantage of another feature that differentiates a microwave, and that can be used to 5 units transmitting simultaneously for the same receptor.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


Weimar Londoño
# Weimar Londoño 06-04-2011 06:26
I would like to know more details of equipment, suppliers, prices, technical support ... in short everything related and possible evidence.
Richard St.
# Richard St. 06-04-2011 09:38
Hello Weimar

Thank you for being aware of the contents of TV and Video. In the mail they can give you more detailed information Live U according to the country where you are.

Wilfredo pinto olaya
# Wilfredo pinto olaya 15-04-2011 13:12
I would like to know more details, conditions must also consider the lease and if the cost is per day, week, month or year.
Richard St.
# Richard St. 18-04-2011 03:08
Good day Wilfredo

I tell you the conditions of rental equipment varies according to the country where you are. That's why I invite you to write to mail in which you can get more information.

Greetings and thanks for being aware of the contents of TV and Video.
# PETIT WILL EDUARDO CASTRO 28-04-2011 06:39
Great news..
Ruben Ylharreguy
# Ruben Ylharreguy 12-05-2011 03:48
From Argentina as a professor of the chairs of communication and new technologies for communication, I think an excellent development I want to know costs for Argentina. Luck and later Prof. Ruben Ylharreguy
Richard St.
# Richard St. 12-05-2011 04:09
hi Ruben

In the mail and on the website You can find more detailed information on Live U in the country of interest.

# Avtelco 24-05-2011 08:22
Such solutions (already being offered by several manufacturers) has become the biggest news for wireless connections and that for the moment has specific application with good quality. In Barranquilla the company Bastidas Productions has one in operation, which has already been used for live programs from Santa Marta and Cartagena by the Canal with very good results for its quality and immediacy.
# ermes 19-10-2011 13:16
Richard set me on the page that would Mediapro distributor LIVE-U in South America and they have a branch in Buenos Aires not got the website of this or any representative of Live-u in sudameriaca?
Richard St.
# Richard St. 20-10-2011 02:43
Hello Ermes
I am consulting with the representative for Colombia Live U to see how we can help.
Osvaldo Luis Fajardo
# Osvaldo Luis Fajardo 28-10-2011 02:18
Hi, I'm the representative of LiveU to Colombia, in each country there is an exclusive distributor which handles the local market, however we are all connected to help local customers if q need assistance in other countries, this is done together even billing issues, greatly facilitating things, in the case of Argentina, the name of the person is kriristian and the number 009 54 11 is the 4590 2270


Luis Fajardo
LiveU Colombia
nelson Sequeira
# nelson Sequeira 02-06-2012 04:25
I am interested I am from Nicaragua where no dealer in my country
esteban alvarez
# esteban alvarez 19-05-2016 18:23
acesoria need in Colombia where I can communicate. teams need
Said Latorre
# Said Latorre 23-11-2011 10:38
Good afternoon, I'm interested in finding this solution costs in Bogota, Colombia. I'm sending an email to info, but if you could contact Osvaldo Luis Fajardo would be grateful.
Good day to all.
Manuel L
# Manuel L 23-08-2012 18:01
Hello good day, the team want me to Mexico, where can I buy. Thanks greetings.
Richard St.
# Richard St. 23-08-2012 18:14
Hello Manuel. You can contact Giovanni Punzo, he is the director of sales for Latin America and LiveU can help you locate distributors in your country. His mail is
Jorge Quiroz Liahut
# Jorge Quiroz Liahut 26-02-2015 16:47
I'm interested in this technology in Mexico who is the representative and how much it costs the team.
Max Caceres
# Max Caceres 30-05-2016 15:21
I require more information and above all costs to operate in Cusco Peru.
Max Caceres
# Max Caceres 30-05-2016 15:26
Inf testify to Cusco Peru
juan saldivia Garcia
# juan saldivia Garcia 16-06-2016 02:00
Hello nesecito saver as I can concegir a signal one sevidor to install an online radio with good audio quality and how much is the monthly vosto I nesrcito also find prueva trial run and I install the program remotely gacias saludod juan saldivia
juan saldivia Garcia
# juan saldivia Garcia 16-06-2016 02:03
Excuse is saver as I can have a good server for an online radio and install it remotely me the monthly cost saver porfabor
juan saldivia Garcia
# juan saldivia Garcia 16-06-2016 02:06
Nescito have a server for online signal that I installed remotely to a radio here in chile
omar gutierrez
# omar gutierrez 17-06-2016 17:20
hi i am from Argentina wanted to know about this team and the values ​​of it and where to get them
Pedro Landivar
# Pedro Landivar 19-09-2016 03:51
I need info on where I can buy in Ecuador.
# RICHARD NIXON 19-10-2017 02:40
In Colombia a company I quote a team of those for about 60 million pesos ... it hurts because those who make television of small towns we do not have how to acquire it. and the single rent is worth 4.500 dollars per month. even worse.


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