Fernando CamposUnderstand the changes and challenges facing the television industry with technological developments and apply them to achieve reach more viewers, especially young people, it is the challenge of our Professional of the month.

By Richard St. S.

One of the characteristics of Fernando Campos during their professional life is like for taking projects from scratch and take them through their entire launch process, growth and consolidation. This is precisely why come to work in the television industry.
After graduating with a degree in Communication at the Universidad Iberoamericana and an MBA in Ipade, he went to work in marketing from advertising agencies and attention to customers. That was until six years ago, when he was called by Azteca to lead one of its most important projects.
"Six years ago I was invited to participate in TV Azteca responsible for everything that is new media, in all this digital world that is now on top of the television. Basically my role is to prepare the station to be ready and meet the challenges of this new digital world, "he said.
Under this view, he realized that television is a production company with the responsibility of producing the contents of the best quality that are relevant to the audience and they can be delivered through different platforms that are available today, especially among segments more young population.
A trained team
After assuming the leadership of new media, one of the challenges for Fernando Campos is kept updated with all the technological advances, at least be aware of where the industry is headed.
"Fortunately my team have some employees who devote time and often professional staff to be investigating, sailing, discovering new things, new tools, new features, new ways of presenting content time," he said.
So it holds a meeting up with his team, which socialize what have been discovered on the network and the things that can have an added value for the activities performed daily and when appropriate the they acquire to incorporate as part of the infrastructure they have available.
"One of the things my team says that characterizes me is always using phrases to illustrate some of the concepts to which I refer, and one that I like, is the definition of` estupidez' that is repeated a hundred times the same action expecting a different result, "he said.
He adds that one of the guiding principles that have tried to imbue his entire team to think in a different way, looking for different options, intending not change things if you keep doing the same.
Television, with promising future
Professional for our guest month, new developments around televisions, such as those that allow internet connection and interaction with web applications, do they have ceased to be an idiot box and now the industry has a promising future.
"Increasingly we are seeing that people want to consume content when they want, how they want, with whomever they want, when they want and, in that sense, digital platforms charge a significant relevance because it is precisely the way in which it can have a personalized television and people can consume the content in the best way that you see fit. "
The change in the habits of consumption of television, punctuated partly by penetration among people in Mexico reaches 99% in the open signal and the 35% in cable is also a key to envision where factor the industry is headed .

"From the multiplicity of content offerings that are available, not only in linear channels also in consumption demand, we have had a major change in strategy for five years, simplifying digital platforms that have come to bring about change very significant, again especially among young people who make us turn to see the relevance of digital platforms, "he said.
For those digital platforms, Fernando Campos notes that multiplatform content are required, multi-presence in the sense that these contents are not only living on the web portal of the television, but they are present in Youtube and Microsoft platforms, Apple, Android phones with iOS.
"The challenge is now to put those contents that are available, that are memorable experiences for users that they can be consumed not only by the content per se, also by the friendliness that the user has to consume".
TV viewers "multiskilled"
Explains Fernando Campos, from his experience over the years on television has learned to understand the basics to stay alive in the industry: understand what you are looking for the user and the viewer and, therefore, what is the best give way.
"Young people today are viewers multiple skills: they are with the TV turned on either open or pay TV, and at the same time are with the computer on his knees interacting with the content of the television own or in many other different platforms and the other side are making simultaneous use of their mobile devices. "
This situation has generated, explains that the attention wanders among several options, not only on television, also entertainment between different devices and therefore it is important to understand how new viewers behave, what they like, how they like to consume, how they like to share it, why television or products are no longer consumed individually to become consumed in groups.
"Companies must understand that television viewers have 13, 14 or 15 years and still have viewers also 50, 60 or 70. Then we have to make a personalized television to a certain point. I feel that this is the most important challenge facing the television and all those who work doing television. "
In all the changes he has lived television industry in recent years, which highlights Fernando Campos, including how the viewer is impacted to make purchasing decisions of products, being the word of mouth one of the most effective.
"The main concern of customers is how television can help generate that word of mouth, how you can give that product endorsement, the endorsement of the product. We are very clear that people have the perception that if a product being advertised on television is a good, solid product, but the TV alone can not close this circle and then you have to make use of other platforms to generate this scheme recommendation".
"A family padrísima"
A note was Fernando Campos pride when talking about his family, which ensures that is "a padrísima family." His home was formed 26 years ago when he married Cecilia, with whom he had three children, Sofi, Ana Cecilia and Fernando, who today have 24, 21 and 17 respectively.
On their tastes when outside the office, he said that he loves motorcycles, "I am motorcyclist, I try to go every Sunday to take a walk of 300 or 400 kilometers on the motorcycle. Also, I love photography and reading. "
Since it began its work in Azteca Web added more to their hobbies, technology. "At Azteca I have also now become a little` techi' and fan of technology, especially Mac thanks to my friend Rodrigo inventor Moon. "

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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