Churches and religious cults are using professional production systems and television transmission to carry your message to more people. New business opportunities for distributors and manufacturers.
By Richard St. S.
Intended to make systems and equipment for television production easy to use, and the options offered by Internet distribution of content which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, are situations that have led to the emergence of thematic channels and a growing number of followers every day.
Religious communities have become one of the leading TV users over the Internet, seeking to fulfill the objective of his message ever reaches more people, either with content live or on demand. Hand of these channels, have had significant growth in the number of followers, both in their home country and around the world.
Churches of all sizes and all beliefs are interested in implementing audiovisual systems. There are cases in which churches have a small enclosure physically or even have no fixed venue for meetings and rent a room, but virtually are giant thanks to the number of followers. It all depends on how they use technology.
Jose Enrique Rojano, manager AVTech Ltda, a company that has been working in recent years in technology integration for churches, said that solutions of professional production and broadcast via streaming allow churches measure how many people access to content, how long they are seeing on average, from what places, and this information can strategize to gain followers worldwide.
The use of professional video systems in churches began in the United States. Through these examples and the results achieved, churches in Latin America have been adapting these solutions emerged and companies dedicated to audiovisual integration for this specific niche in the region.
Formed ten years ago in the city of Manizales, Colombia, the Community Mary Mediatrix is ​​an example of religious groups that perform audiovisual production. It is a community that promotes the values ​​of the Catholic Church through seminars and conferences. William Zuluaga that has to get more out of each of their events, just over five years ago began to burn in order to repeat the videos in other meetings.
Initially, the idea was to create a television channel to publicize the activities of the Community, but in evaluating this option, desisted because of the high cost involved and the short range would be.
"This project I started it as a way of putting things that we have more affordable, recognizing the value of our work and should be available to many more people. Looking how, we conclude that the best tools were from audiovisual production, broadcasting on television and taking advantage of current environmental trends, "said William Zuluaga.
In those first experiences the quality and dissemination were not very good. They began to explore production options that allow them to improve both aspects, for which they acquired different systems until the TriCaster, with which they supplied the needs they had at the time, began live broadcasts events and the production of more sophisticated content.
Personal and technology
The evolution of its audiovisual production and acceptance of followers, has led the Community Mary Mediatrix to have a constant training and technological upgrading, while increasing its production capacity. So they have two production sites content in two different cities, Pereira and Manizales, and are working on adapting a mobile that allows them to record their events in other locations.

Each of its two production has as its central system with a TriCaster and your mobile are in the process of acquiring another. They also have three professional cameras, audio and lighting systems to produce all the content in HD. And as part of the constant updating, they are beginning to work with PTZ cameras for recording events, taking advantage that can be managed remotely and can perform IP transmission.
To produce the contents have a group of six people divided into separate areas, including cameras, audio and TriCaster operation. William Zuluaga emphasizes that this staff constantly looking to be updated on trends and technologies.
"The purpose of a church is that its content, evagelización, preaching, can reach more people and fulfill their mission. The TriCaster allows churches to do their work within the grounds and beyond. A curious case, when Newtek launched the system, considered niche markets could be educational institutions and churches, thanks to production facilities and possibilities of streaming, "said Jose Enrique Rojano.
There are some special cases in the technical personnel operating the equipment and audiovisual production in the churches is responsible. As part of its mission, who belong to a church give offerings, which can be economic or service. In some churches the production managers are professionals working in television and donate their time, so the video material is of very good quality, because they do it with commitment, passion, according to their faith, putting all their experience and making a big production department.
Content distribution
There are few churches and religious communities that are using online channels to grow locally and regionally. In the specific case of Latin America, Peru and Colombia are among countries where growth had been more. The common denominator is that start up the content via Youtube, but quickly develop own video platforms.
In addition to its website, the content distribution of the Community Mary Mediatrix is ​​done by a decoder, from which they can access the content directly. Servers that have have the capacity to support up to 3.000 decoders connected. Although there are households that have acquired the decoder, the main use is in communities and parishes that relay content for groups.
Today, thanks to its internet channel, the Community has managed to cross borders. It has direct presence in Mexico and a large number of followers in the United States. Among the followers of its contents they have registered connections 33 countries on five continents.
Jose Enrique Rojano said churches also have needs for internal distribution, because being implemented within its precincts screens to make them more attractive meetings, liturgies or cults. "To meet those needs, Newtek developed two additional systems that facilitate the distribution of content on the screens and power, for example, put biblical texts while preaching the priest or pastor. And both systems can be integrated audiovisual production of the event. "
Undoubtedly, these internet channels also become new business opportunities for manufacturers and distributors of television industry because they always want to have higher quality and capacity in the products they offer.
In this regard, he concluded Manager AVTech Ltda that the channels start with a basic system production, but as they grow and generate more content, they will demand better equipment supporting increased production, storage and transmission in different languages simultaneously. Even they are looking upload content for distribution to satellite pay television services.
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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