Friends and acquaintances greeted with surprise and nostalgically recall announcement Andrew Nelles Sony, known NAB Show 2015, 35 after years of being linked to film and television.
By Richard St.
A tireless worker, dedicated, passionate and good person, are the words with which agree describe the friends, colleagues and who at some point have shared with Andrew Nelles, who during NAB 2015 announced his retirement from Sony to devote time to their passions: family, travel and cinema.
Amid farewell tributes and expressions of affection during the fair, he took a few minutes to talk to TVyVideo over these years in the industry. Tears in his eyes reflected nostalgia remembering the experiences during the 35 years he has been linked to Sony, to witness the technological developments and friends who have gotten in the way.
"I came to the industry by accident. When I graduated from college in marketing, the family of my future wife knew that I liked music and I contacted a small music company which was what I liked. After six months of working there Sony bought us, so all my professional life I did at Sony. "
Recalls that his first years at Sony were devoted to the audio recording studio in the United States in the factory located in New Jersey. Until then came the charge of the transmission of the Mexican soccer league looking to a console for transmission were changed. So he met the director of Sony Latin America who asked him to go to work with him in Panama, in the division of audio for video.
Thus he joined the broadcast area which has witnessed all the technological changes that have been seen in the industry. "I lived the transition from analog to digital and high definition, which was almost 3D and now the subject of 4K. In video recorders we have also been changes in recording formats. There have been many changes. "
On his experiences he said that coincidentally began his professional life working in the audio portion with a'locos' artists and creative and now, in the last years of his career, those insanely sought to help develop digital cinema.
One of the great friends of Andrew Nelles is Francesco Ambrogio. He is representative of Sony to Chile through Videocorp and was thus began a friendship that today takes over 30 years.
He commented that "With Andy got to develop a friendship very, very large, working very hard. He gets up very early and well. So we gather early to plan the day's work or to leave a video recording in all fairs we go. Andy is a tireless worker. Besides work, he has also linked us taste both for cinema, wine and gastronomy. We see seven or eight times a year and quite enjoyed. "

Amid laughter, Francesco Ambrogio recalled many anecdotes with Andrew Nelles, especially one in particular. "Andy will forget things. Once he left the suitcase at the airport exit Las Vegas. We all climbed into the taxi and arrived at the hotel he asked'¿y my suitcase? 'Had to return to the airport and there was the suitcase where I had left. And that became the saying of the fair'¿y suitcase? '. And there are countless stupidities.
Finally, he said the manager of Videocorp it's a shame to have waived but it was his decision. "We will really need. They say no one is irreplaceable but Sony sure to replace Andy will be very difficult. "
'The Uncle familia'
Being the son of an American civil engineer who was building works across the continent, since he was born Andrew Nelles has spent his life traveling. His father was working in Colombia where he met his mother and why Andrew is the city of Cali. He lived his first year until his father was transferred. So he went through Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and several US cities.
The trips have also been part of his professional life. In the various positions he has had on Sony for the United States and Latin America, Andrew Nelles has spent most of his time on a plane traveling visiting customers, dealers, fairs and festivals of film and television. On these trips he has managed to make great friends, but there is a particular group known as'The Familia'.
For years, Andrew Nelles, Daniel McDonald, also from Sony, and Francesco Ambrogio, have achieved a friendship that surpassed labor issues and has become almost a myth in the industry. The three formed a group called'The familia', which misses no opportunity to meet when the three agree in one city, to enjoy good wine and good food.
Francesco Ambrogio said that although many know of these meetings and constantly ask them where they go and what they will do, it is a closed space only for three of them, which do not allow anyone else to participate. "We are a family because I'm the daddy, the son Daniel and Andrew's uncle. Each we met had a good time. "
It will, but not quite
Although on June Andrew Nelles officially retires from Sony and will move to France with his wife, where they plan to continue traveling and getting to know Europe and winters pass them in Florida, he will not depart entirely from the industry, he wants to continue enjoying film, which is one of his great passions. "I hope to continue to participate in film festivals and in some activities with Sony for Latin America. I'm a big fan of cinema. "
As a good movie fanatic, he highlighted the development of this industry in Latin America and how it has served to mark out the adoption of new technologies on television. "In Latin America there was little film that was made previously and many of those who made movies were linked to channels. As cinema has always used the best technology, they had ideas channels and partly that's why the productions of the great Latin channels have cinema quality. And movies are high quality and world-class projects. "
And nostalgically but with a smile on his face, Andrew Nelles left a message for his friends: "I going to enjoy my new life".
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.


Mario Sepulveda -TVN
# Mario Sepulveda -TVN 24-06-2015 15:46
Until always wanted Andy, thanks for so many years dedicated to Nostros customers, a big hug.
Mario Sepulveda, Technical Manager TVN, Chile.


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