Promar should plan their transmission baseball games for eight directors, each with its own style and their own way to place the cameras, recorders, monitors and others.
By Blackmagic Design
Thanks to a recent and important agreement on broadcasting rights in Venezuela, Promar TV became the company's official production for the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP), in charge of the production of all parties for channels and national chains and international. Since baseball is the number one sport in Venezuela, Promar had the opportunity to demonstrate its innovative prowess for production and dissemination.
Jorge Santiago Kossowski, Chief Engineer of Promar, explains that, "The way we produce baseball games in Venezuela changed significantly during this season as VC Media obtained from the LVBP all broadcast rights. We were hired to manage production for all seasons who wanted to buy the broadcasting rights of the parties. This includes each of the television stations in Venezuela, along with Fox Sports, ESPN in Spanish. So now handle production for all. "
Before the agreement, each station or television station was responsible for its own production and transmission, sending their trucks, cameras, cameramen and technicians at every stage and every match. But all that has changed, and today Promar does everything under one roof, working with each station chain to customize different transmissions that correspond to the on-air identity of each.
The mission of managing a production of such a large scale would be overwhelming for many, but Promar is no novice when it comes to producing content. Based in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Promar TV is a successful media company with a history of three generations. Jorge's grandfather, who emigrated from Poland to Venezuela in 1949, began producing films. He moved to television in its infancy during the years 50, 1995 and launched Promar TV with his son, George's father.
Promar TV is now the largest production house TV channel in Venezuela, with a technical infrastructure that allows them to rank as one of the groups major league TV. And no surprise that Blackmagic teams make up much of its arsenal.
Filling all the bases
With production for many stations and networks by Promar, Jorge had to consider all angles and design an efficient production flow to support the variety of requirements. Note that, "In the past, we were in charge of production for one season. Ours But with the change in the rights of transmission, we had to take care of up to four channels or channels broadcasting the same party, and each It requires your own graphics and segments of business. in addition, each channel wants to have its own commentators on the court and in the press boxes of the stadium. every commentator requires its own camera mount to transmit its signal on game day. "
In addition to meeting the individual needs of each station / chain, Promar has to take over the party as such. This implies individual signals to the press boxes and referees of the game. "This year rules a new rule in baseball: the team managers can challenge the decisions of the umpire is necessary then that the umpire can reevaluate every play from different angles, and Promar is responsible for capture and play back instant replay exclusively for. umpires. "
Jorge spent months testing equipment to ensure they meet all requirements. The workflow designed to accomplish everything is based on a new tactical truck OB seven meters for external transmission, equipped with a router production Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M / E of 4K a Universal Videohub of 72x144 four Teranex 2D, seven HyperDeck Studios, one UltraScope a UltraStudio 3D and a large number of Mini Converters.

With technology
The large number of signals handled Promar every game requires a network of high-capacity video. For this purpose, Promar invested in a Blackmagic Videohub Universal. "It is well compact, which makes it ideal and ergonomic for our new truck OB. But the main reason we acquired the Videohub was the ability it gave us to locate all 216 cables into a single unit, facilitating wiring. previously we had wires on all sides. When there was a technical problem was not easy to find the cause and we had to evaluate 144 cables. that's like finding a needle in a haystack ".
Atem production router 2 M / E 4K Blackmagic Design was the candidate in the draft selection of equipment for Promar OB truck. "The auxiliary connectors allow us to easily separate transmissions for different seasons, and the ease of making different changes and transitions, such as wipes and dissolves with DVE, make it easier for each station controlling the look they want for their own transmission" Jorge explains.
He adds, "When you work with so many producers like us (a different one for every season, every baseball diamond) need an easy router to use and that is familiar to every coach. This season will be working with eight directors, each with their own style and their own way to place the cameras, recorders, monitors and others. we needed a router to give us the necessary flexibility, without compromising the quality of transmission. "
To simplify the workflow, Promar takes advantage of the Atem auxiliary outputs and check the identity of each station with the main character generator (CG). This is done in the upstream key (USK) instead of downstream (DSK). The CG is distributed through a clean signal sent to the marker board. One of the stations use the main exit router and DSK. Other stations use the auxiliary outputs. Each of the outputs go to a Blackmagic DeckLink card that handles graphics specific to each station. Each station has an operator who handles the elements of CG.
Promar proprietary software integrates with UltraStudio 3D to display graphics in filling channels and interleaving. The filling channel represents each individual graph and interleaving, or alpha channel, informs the Atem how to represent the graph. The integration automates the process of sending graphics, allowing each station to use its own graphic identity in transmission.
multiple formats
Support for multiple formats is another key role that sought the production of Promar. "Not all transmissions in Venezuela are HD still have broadcasts 4 format. 3, which are standard definition, and format 16.. 9 widescreen use the Teranex Blackmagic Design to handle all conversions Time is gold production during an event live and these rapid processes are essential. "
In addition to providing a wide variety of formats, Promar capture all angles of the game to preserve the material and instant replay. To record the huge amount of content Promar has eight HyperDeck Studios.
"We have eight Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Studios for recording every game, mainly for archival purposes," adds Jorge. "We do if there is an important moment for the party that is not part of the material aired live. For example, a player falls to the ground, but the director did not have that camera in the air or used in a repeat. the next day, the team reports that his player has fractured his ankle and will not be present in the following games. "
Clean footage is recorded without any graphics, allowing Promar edit it for promotional segments, advances or distribution to other broadcasters. The complete Blackmagic Video Ultrascope equipment Promar for OB work flow, ensuring the high quality of each item of content.
With a little help from Blackmagic, Promar has had a season champions, showing that the decision was successful VC Media to select to produce all parties LVBP.
Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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