In Citytv and Weather TV are updating systems for obsolescence issue, some of the teams had quite a few years and the intention is to have the entire production chain in high definition.

By Richard St.

City TV three years ago, the local television station in Bogota, Colombia, began a process of renewing its technology to prepare emit a signal in high definition. Such updating was designed in stages, starting with the master and newsrooms. Today they are in the process of the last two stages with the goal of starting to transmit the signal in HD at the latest in the first quarter of 2016.

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At the head of the team that leads the update is Walter Gómez, Manager of Operations and Engineering channel, which operates both the signal of City TV like Weather TV news channel newspaper El Tiempo, one of the most important of Colombia and owner of CityTV.

Walter Gómez told TVyVideo + Radio that "three years ago began the channel update step by step, by the need to replace equipment that brought use of 12 and 13 years. First update of the master, then the news editing rooms and now studies became varieties. With the two processes that we need, we would complete the update to start broadcasting a signal in HD ".

The penultimate stage of the update that is currently ongoing, began with the design process since last May. This is part of the headquarters known as Avenida Jimenez, which will replace the Unity system, which already has some years, a completely new Avid system with Isis 5000, AirSpeed ​​5000 and Interplay also all suites for 13 editing rooms and Protools system.

In September the process of purchase and import of equipment was made. End of November must be installed. In this place a 60 people work and have the master main issue with all of the satellite, rise of the two channels and studies of varieties, which are made dramatized live, contests and magazines.

"In the other seat it is all the information system, is located in the same building where the newspaper El Tiempo is. There we all share news of both channels and have Avid systems installed last year and half, composed of a Isis 5000 a 13 editing rooms with the NewsCutter system, which additionally has the Interplay system for managing flows and Inews system, "said Walter Gómez.

Ratio trajectory
Since the channel was installed 16 years ago, it has always worked with Avid systems. CityTV manager explained that "Avid is a brand with which we have had a fairly strong relationship from the start of the channel. We think it has all the workflow optimized so that is very efficient in handling times ingest, editing, post production and delivery to the air of the contents are made. We think it has the most robust solution for a television environment where speed and reliability to edit the contents and bring them out to air is needed. "

5000 Isis are two systems that are installing the channel. One of them handling only area news, considering the usual emissions 6: 00 am, 12: 00 my 8: 00 pm to news developments every hour and the Canal Weather in news strategy 24 hours.

This ISIS / Interplay 64TB storage system is supplemented by about twenty editors Media Composer / NewsCutter and administered by the iNEWS system. For ingest and playback using Avid AirSpeed ​​line.

The second system Avid ISIS / Interplay with 128TB storage, which is being implemented in the penultimate stage of the upgrade work at the headquarters of Avenida Jimenez serving a similar number of editors Avid Media Composer (some with plug-in Symphony) and a pair of Pro Tools systems.

"The whole canal works with Avid editing systems. It is a close relationship is due to technologies and support has given during the 16 years of the canal from both the company and its distributor in Bogotá, Videoelec. Both have significant support from the implementation of the systems and the operation, maintenance and emergency care when you have a problem in the channel, "said Gomez Water.

He added that the relationship with them is close and have always been an efficient and fast support, have a qualified, professional staff with knowledge that allow them to operate quietly, which is what is sought in an environment like CityTV, especially news where you have to be on the air on time, remove the contents are edited live, and where if you have any problems, you have to resolve fairly quickly. For that they need a fairly robust system like Avid and a support such as providing Videolec them.

On the possibilities of implementing the 4K with updates, CityTV engineer said that taking into account the content they do, they are basically news, the issue will not impact 4K dramatically in the coming years. "This is important for those who make series and dramatized, they need a very high bill. We therefore believe that the 4K going to be away from us in time. Obviously, many of the products that we will acquire 4K come with features or with a software update can have this system. "

The channel
CityTV is a broadcast TV channel which began broadcasting in March 1999, also transmitted via cable and satellite operators manner. Also houses the Weather Channel, 24 hours news channel that provides news content, opinion, analysis, information and entertainment. Today reaches more than two million homes in Colombia and countless abroad via cable television services.

The TV Time has a dynamic format textual and graphical information at the bottom and side of the screen with news information, reducing up to 35% of the image transmission.

Walter Gómez stressed that City TV is a local channel for Bogotá with two analog broadcast stations and another with DTT caught fire in the month of March. The Time TV is a channel that is transmitted via cable signal with a national focus 24 hours. "We are working to create new TV products that will be next year. We hope to strengthen one of the two channels for greater audience. "

Since its inception, CityTV has worked with Avid, first with publishers connected to the old MediaShare, through Unity Media Network to reach a current infrastructure Isis / Interplay / AirSpeed ​​/ iNEWS fully coordinated, stable, reliable and successful.

At the end of 2015, CityTV will only update the master pending issue, with all the basic infrastructure to begin broadcasting in HD in 2016.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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