Rafael SalasProfessional of the month for this edition noted the slowness with which some renewal processes are carried in the broadcast industry in his country, including the transition to digital.

Richard St.

For over 30 years, Rafael Salas has been dedicated to the Ecuadorian television industry, behind the scenes, in charge of the technical part. His extensive experience has been gained in channels like Ecuavisa, Telecentro, Teleamazonas and for the last 13 years GamaTV, which now serves as technical director and operations.

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Rafael Salas told TVyVideo + Radio about his professional life, which was led by his father, who remembers telling him "you're going to be electronic engineer and do not see you fix a radio." For this reason he studied by correspondence radio and television repair.

And following the words of his father, he graduated from the School Superor Polytechnic University of the Coast, ESPOL, as Electronic Engineer. His academic background has complemented with several courses such as Business Administration and Quality Control at the same university.

Professional guest for this edition of TVyVideo + Radio month, is originally from Babahoyo, province of Los Rios, Ecuador, from three years but moved with his family to Guayaquil, a city that does not leave despite work commitments. Half the week passes in Quito and returns on weekends to be with her four children, who devotes his spare time to walk, one of his favorite pastimes. It is also aware of your football team, the Barcelona of Guayaquil, which says "is the best team in the country."

Always technically
In 1984 began the career of Rafael Salas in the television industry. He recalled that "my beginnings in television were a fluke. I was in college in the early years and a friend of the family told me, 'Hey brother, are taking Ecuavisa staff'. I went to the scene, interviewed me and told me to come the next day and from then enter the TV ".

In these three decades it has gone through different positions, as operator of television broadcasting and audio technician Ecuavisa. He was also head of transmissions and recordings Telecentro, technical chief at Teleamazonas, and GamaTV has had different positions as chief operating officer, operating technical chief operating technical manager and technical director and operations, position held today and from 2010.

He said that their work days do not have a defined schedule. They begin at eight o'clock, although the entrance is at 9 morning and "as we say in television, you know when you enter but do not know when you leave. Within our organization I am in charge to channel GamaTV national level. I dispose of heads of area operations and the technical part in both Quito and Guayaquil. "

His day is divided into tasks that are continuous coordination and other activities, besides attending, as in any channel, the improvisations that always exist. It is also aware of your main challenge, making the transition from analogue to digital television (HD), thus preparing both the technical and the operation is continuous.

On that day to day it has been a participant in the technological changes that have lived television. He said that "in the region is growing content development, but in regard to the deployment of networks are limited to licensing for the transition to digital TV, which in many countries are delayed. In the case of Ecuador, early and auctions of new concessions digital signal frequency to be conducted ".

He also noted some points that show the state of the industry in his country, Ecuador:

  • The adoption of the new standard for Digital TV was in the 2001 (ISDB-Tb). However, the deployment of networks has been very slow.
  • In studies, the use of video transport via telecommunications networks using IP / MPLS protocol is the clear indication of use of technological convergence between telecommunications and broadcasting.
  • Rates are cheaper every time and has been a great deployment of fiber optic networks in our country.
  • It is pending updating and digitizing many seasons.

technological renovation in GamaTV
Rafael Salas his days mainly concentrated in one objective: the renewal of equipment to HD and 4K studies with proper planning and establishing appropriate and actual budgets in line with the economic reality of the country and industry.

To achieve this, he said, is important constant communication with the Administrative Management and shareholders to establish plans and belted to the strategic objectives of the company goals. "Employees need continuous technical training of new technologies, as well as creative and operational for more coverage with the proper management of budgets."

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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