58 jobs were submitted to the 2017 version of the TecnoTelevisión University Competition. The winner will announce the November 15 in the framework of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.

Luis Fernando Gutiérrez

The TecnoTelevisión University Contest has become the best opportunity to learn about the way our young filmmakers relate, their concern for the great social and human issues and the way in which they see this time full of complexities and changes. With this starting point - as juries of the Contest - we wish to present a brief account of what was found in this new version.

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In general there are good stories, good acting, desire to inform in some cases and to express themselves in others. Dynamic cameras that surround the characters, landscapes and objects. You advance in the concepts of art design when you think of every detail. Also in the lighting and sound concept. Although they are university productions it is evident that they know how to work without any doubt for positions and functions. They are well determined, they demonstrate professionalism in each exposed audiovisual product. We work from different genres and formats but we still need to experiment with them to achieve innovative audiovisual inventions based on content, narrative or audiovisual language.

There is a desire to show how love, passions and human conflicts change. The Colombian conflict appears and the experience of violence is told and there is a novel change in the way peace is approached from a genre of Colombian television, such as tragicomedy, assumed by young people making us reflect on what this change will mean In other cases, peace is put on the screen in long testimonies that do not go to the short statement but to the long reflection of what has happened, without actions and visuality, a fact that does not allow us to understand the problem of violence. The word is given to the victims but it does not take advantage of the video resource to show evidence of what it means to be calm and face new challenges and paths. There are moments where the disappeared are shown, their pain and how difficult it is to forget.

There is concern for the subject of the environment and biodiversity that is seen in beautiful landscapes, which allow contemplation from different angles and perspectives. But more cases of abuse with the environment and lack of control of the state and citizens for preservation and conservation can be addressed. Likewise, the cultural richness is shown from the video clip. Very well narrated and with good management of art design, acted and with good sound management. The music that for the most part is original. Very expressive videos are achieved, where one can see the desire to experiment, from seductive images that provoke seeing and identifying with the seen. Mixing these with reality, being very attractive visually.

There were moments of the seen for the inclusion of people with sensory problems (blind and deaf people) every time witnesses were counted from the sign language, very innovative. But it was possible to inhabit the life of the protagonists to show them in their universes, in their daily life in order to enter their lives and put on screen their soul.

In conclusion, this show showed the sensitivity of the narrative of the university students of our Nation with a huge desire to narrate and a felt need to tell the present and the past. This is to remember and will allow us tomorrow to easily interpret a time from the young look and its clear purpose of representing the country. The TV and Video contest is then the best showcase to tell, tell and express Colombia. Amanecerá and we will see who are the winners and who do not thank, for participating in the audiovisual construction of the memory of this great country.

TecnoTelevisión University Competition 2017
The 30 of September closed the call for the TecnoTelevisión University Contest, with an important number of postulated works, marking an important growth with respect to the postulates during the previous year.

It is worth mentioning that the 58 works postulated for the 2017 edition of the Competition come from 22 different cities representing all regions of the country, both in the main cities and intermediate where it begins to become more and more audiovisual production.

The winner of the TecnoTelevisión University Contest was announced at the 15 in November as part of the TecnoTelevisión & 2017 Radio Expo after a virtual vote during 15 days prior to the fair

The winner of the TecnoTelevisión University Competition received:
Plate recognition
Article in the magazine TVyVideo + Radio highlighting the profile of winners and work
A technical kit worth 10 thousand dollars which includes:
Panasonic AG-UX90 Camera
E-Image Tripod EG03AA
SkyPanel S30-C from Arri.

This is the winning work of the 2017 TecnoTelevisión University Competition:
Luis Felipe Montoya Varela
Technological University of Pereira

Diego Durango in his exercise as a teacher takes his students to one of the best academic outings of his program, but the mountain leads him to embark on a different path, another version of his disappearance makes 10 years

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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