During two months, a group of students dedicated their time to research and make the audiovisual piece with which they won the TecnoTelevisión University Competition in its 2017 version.

Richard St.

Taking advantage of the television class, a group of seven students led by Luis Felipe Montoya, decided to carry out his final semester work focused on participation in the TecnoTelevisión University Contest, managing to gather several of his passions: education, the environment and audiovisual production.

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With these clear ideas, they began to investigate the páramos near Pereira, his hometown, particularly in the Páramo de Santa Isabel. In the middle of the investigation, they found the story of Diego Durango, a professor at his University, the Technological of Pereira, who was remembered because in his practice as a teacher he leads his students to one of the best academic outings of his program. But one day he came to one of his mountain tours and never went out again. The work Entropy, he remembered his disappearance after 10 years.

"In Pereira came the environmental movement of Colombia in the sixties, with the interest of protecting the Otún basin, which was born in the Santa Isabel snowstorm and is part of the Los Nevados National Park, which is why we decided to investigate this basin and so we find the story of the professor who had disappeared an October 13.To achieve the story, we have versions of different people at the University who knew him and had some version of what had happened, "said Montoya.

Although they did not find strong support in the University for the realization of the video, this was not an impediment for the students, supported by their teacher and the desire to take their project forward, to complete the audiovisual work that made them winners of the TecnoTelevisión University Contest 2017

These efforts led them to seek resources for the realization of the video even with the Governor of Risaralda, taking advantage of the fact that the president's development plan approach was "green and enterprising". Thus, they managed to get in contact with different agencies, such as the Autonomous Corporation of Risaralda, which contributed to the transportation of students and equipment to the Páramo, where they were interned for four days for the recording.

A different
Entropy is part of a magazine of four chapters that the students of the television course of the Technological University of Pereira do every semester to send it to the Zoom University Channel, in order to be included in the programming of its 45 City segment.

In the initial project of the magazine was not contemplated a short, but students made a bet to present something different and managed to fit into one of the four sections that traditionally includes: information, education, entertainment and a free theme and thus take advantage of resources for the whole project.

In each of the chapters showed the whole journey to climb the snow, an explanation of the importance of the páramos and the panorama of Colombia to the world on this subject. They also presented the story of a community displaced from other regions that appropriated the ecosystem, its relationship with water and the adventure activities that can be carried out. Finally, they included the short film.

A city campaign
After receiving the news of being finalists in the TecnoTelevisión University Contest, the group of students from the Technological University of Pereira sought all the resources at their disposal to promote the vote.

Luis Felipe Montoya told that the campaign started at the same University, asking for authorization in the classes to talk about his work, the Contest and ask for votes. In most of the times they presented the video.

They also played the doors of stations, channels and local newspapers of Pereira, achieving presence in live programs and publications. The campaign even went to the communications office of the Government of Risaralda, seeking the promotion of the vote.

The digital part was key in the promotion. The group made a digital campaign in social networks very strong during the 15 days of the vote of the Contest, until they paid advertising on Facebook. Thanks to the fact that Luis Felipe's brother has extensive knowledge in this area, they made constant measurements and adjusted the strategy.

The rising seedbed
With the equipment received after winning the Contest, which includes a Panasonic AG-UX90 Camera, an EG03AA Tripod of E-Image and the SkyPanel S30-C of Arri, the group of students of the Technological University of Pereira, plans to found a seedbed of research in a new field, environmental communication.

The winning student highlighted that "We are in research work, setting up the seedbed and looking for which research group we can join, initially the group that was part of the Entropy process is going to be linked, we also want to set up a corporation that allows us to projects for the Government, the Ministry of the Environment and other entities ".

Finally, Luis Felipe said that winning the TecnoTelevisión University Contest will help to propose some changes in the vision of the University and its faculty to have a greater support to these projects and student processes.

Awards in TecnoTelevisión & Radio 2017
Entropy was the winner of the fifth version of the TecnoTelevisión University Contest, achieving 48% of the votes. The award was presented at a special ceremony on November 15 on the first day of the TecnoTelevisión & Radio Expo in Bogotá, Colombia.

Daniela Castro and Luis Felipe Montoya, in addition to participating in the congress for two days, were in charge of receiving the award.

The award ceremony of the 2017 TecnoTelevisión University Contest was attended by the representatives of the related companies to deliver the Alexander Villaraga awards from Panasonic; Rick Fernández of E-Image and Robert Breitenstein of Arri.

Richard St.
Author: Richard St.
Journalist from the University of Antioquia (2010), with experience in technology and economics. Editor of the magazines TVyVideo + Radio and AVI Latin America. Academic Coordinator of TecnoTelevisión & Radio.



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