altA total of 30 work received the call to the first University Contest to be held in the framework of TecnoTelevisión. Innovation in presenting the proposed theme left a difficult task jurors. An academic look at the work.

By Luis Fernando Gutierrez *

"Póneme Love care" is a visual constant sound in each of the videos that gave students from different universities in the country to contest TecnoTelevisión, which in its first version proposed the theme of technology and asked participants how their everyday use or abuse affects, positively or negatively, to society. Since its subjectivity filmmakers express university Barranquilla, Medellin, Cali and Bogota expressed through video form the phrase "Love póneme care."

This phrase becomes slogan in each of the actions and images presented. the presence of the other is claimed because, as seen in the videos- inhabit an era characterized by relations display that affect social relations and change the way of being, thinking and acting with others and with himself.

Styles and looks
From different genres, styles and looks participants make memory and consciousness about how we live and inhabit the mind that -depending visionado- are clearly intended to visually demonstrate how this society is socially disconnected losing the possibility of meeting with the other so necessary for the attainment of happiness.

The message of the university is crucial when declared with concern how modern man depicted: digitized, isolated and ignored. In the multiple subjectivities and the desire to narrate, the filmmakers shout to the world that the misuse of the tablets, cell phones and other technologies make it grow without the other sees it and sometimes joy or pain of live long pass unnoticed or are simply perceived by screen mediations that make a distant reality.

Also, melodramatic situations and visual metaphors views denounce that "relations" mediated by technology are dangerous relationships and many of them connected with nothing, with the beyond, without any sense. Connections without liability.

Prevailing negative intent
Most of what is seen is clearly intended to make a search for a negative message and demonstrate that the misuse we make of technology in our daily life, except for a single delivery, show that this is not being lived with the other, but with the technology object is turned into an object of desire, enjoyment and enjoyment and being with the other in person, produces boredom, laziness and no enjoyment.

More virtual than real
Sound problems, camera and lighting are evident, but the desire to narrate this technically leave aside to worry and focus on what is meant in the 30 productions: This time appears to be more virtual than real. Treatment creativity is valued although subject could explore other approaches, aesthetic and styles to the proposed theme. The young man has in itself -at son of TV and technology- an innate narrative and a style to express themselves audio-visually.

With regard to technical quality, the final products presented credited a good level of sound and visual bill approving emission standards of an open television channel -but as mentioned before- you have to think beyond the images and explore more the sounds produced by the environment and the characteristics of those places and situations such as loneliness music, danger, heartbreak and tedium that produces the relationship with technology.

A look at the art and the concept
Audiovisual narrative manifests the creative use of sound and image. Through innovation formats and styles of narration but could experience more the search for new genres and formats that facilitated the Contest participation parameters are created.

video clips, music, stop motion and reports from which the university approached the reality from the skit fantasized situations beyond, outputs movies, known already received uneventfully. I always like techno-phobic afirmado- university filmmakers from the effects of isolation that produce tablets and phones.

Something is happening
New technologies are now necessary tools for information and training of people, their use fosters participation, debate, processing and generating a participatory and inclusive citizenship, but this is not recorded in the videos.

The TecnoTelevisión Competition in the framework of competition that will be held in July and August in Bogotá (Corferias) - becomes an opportunity to reflect on the use and benefits offered by technology to our quality of life, our daily lives and therefore our well-being and progress. At the same time, it enables reflection on the use and appropriation that can be given to technology innovation and social benefits, to education, to start new businesses, to improve our quality of life and the relationship with others.

TecnoTelevisión through this contest is aware of the importance of students as future players in the television industry, the magazine TV AND VIDEO proposed by the Competition University TecnoTelevisión, with the support of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and the Penthouse Center of the Pontifical Javeriana university.

See you at the awards ceremony: the best team win!

some synopsis
In this version looks university filmmakers arrived in Bogota, Cali, Medellin and Barranquilla who thinking about the theme of the competition wanted to participate and count the present, the here and now from his vision and intent. Below is a look at the synopsis for determining the places, actions and characters that are part of each of the stories and the relationship that make the university, between technology and everyday life and its effects.

Does technology affect us?
In a society where technology has become indispensable part of life, you begin to see how this great attachment is affecting both children, youth and adults, reaching a point where enfrascan in it and them impossible to leave.

Love, whatsapp?
The society has been revolutionized by technological advances, so much that has led to interpersonal relationships are affected as in the case of this story, in which a relationship is affected by the misuse of technology.

A big surprise Tony takes his great friend he met on the internet, and is surprised to be moved in spirit by God to show you some situations where some things can be good or bad and it depends on how they are used.

Slave technology
A young addicted to technology, being always aware of his cell phone, forget the people around and the important moments of his life.

PIN communication
A wedding couple is constantly communicates your PIN. This medium seems closer and make one knows what is constantly going on in each other's lives, but apparently abysmal distance is generated and the question arises: Do we really know each other?

Technology faces
Through an urban genre song "Rap" is a call to make sanity and good use of technological tools, especially, the Black Berry phones and smartphones. Alongside the story of an addict to these technological artifacts in various stages of their life character is exposed.

Entertaining Ruben and Fredy
Two dissonant characters in the daily transit of their lives are codeados suddenly three media that adopt the female figure; its fine and delicate curves are the key tool to undertake the allure of both characters and try to intensify.

Connected to life
In today's world we completely absorbed and family ties tend to weaken increasingly, a child uses a traditional media, the letter, to express his feelings to his rapt and terminally ill mother. Remember lived until her goodbye now.

Now I am legend
Susi is a doll that eats, sleeps and plays with her owner Alejandra. Life for the two is pink, until November 2 on his birthday, a gift changed her life. Disappointment, melancholy and death unite to end the relationship they have always had. Seven years later, the colors become, not to interrelate a feeling, but a compulsive need for the future.

Virtual reality
In the virtual era we live in today, we lose track of reality and virtuality, like two different scenarios. But the more advanced technology that is, always will be an instrument at the disposal of human intentions, the gap between the digital and the real is an illusion, does not exist. This short shows us how reality and the virtual world is paradoxically unite to lead to a single fact.

404 Error
2020 year courses in a bar in South America, transnational gaps have passed into the background. The creation of alter ego in the virtual media has created new scenarios and social realities. Payment for going to parties and bars the world over remote Internet connections is a recurring, bodies largely obsolete for personal realities. Such dependence on network conditions the existence of people who are connected in this bar attachment for connection and availability of the file on the network, reminds us that we are not owners or real network, the 404 error still prevail in she.

* Luis Fernando Gutiérrez teaches Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and member of the Organizing Committee TecnoTelevisión Contest.

altOn the issue of projection screens for residential use experts agree that for the consumer the design and size precedence over quality and type of technology. In Latin America the product cost is a factor.

by: Maria Cecilia Hernandez


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